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Have you ever been in a very difficult situation that you feel there is nothing you can do about? For the last few months, my relationship with God had reached rock bottom, and all efforts to revive it were to no avail.   I love God. So much so that I don’t go a day without thinking about him. I sometimes even forget he is my God because I always relate with Him like he is my best friend. I crack my jokes with him…dirty, clean and dry. I feel that at home with him. He understands me better than anyone else. He knows better than anyone else what I go through.   But I guess our relationship was so good...

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Life Outcomes

I tend to always worry about the worst possible outcome. OMG…how would I look? What would people think? I’d rather not. It might be really stupid. I always talk myself out of things and it is very ridiculous and sad actually. It is so bad that my motivation and confidence to act solely depends on a third party guarantee or confirmation. I have gradually grown with this and it has become a huge part. I worry about every detail. I guess I have somehow lost my confidence as a result, and it’s quite pathetic if you ask. As a lover of God I’m meant to believe solely in God, trust that He would do absolutely everything. But I tend to always...

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Avoid Being Spiteful

I started my jewelry business a year ago and I am thankful to God for how far I’ve come! A few days ago I noticed my younger sister making bracelets out of rubber bands.  I complimented her impressive creations and went ahead to suggest the inclusion of charms which would make her bracelets even more unique. She smiled and set to work. She came back from school the following day and was excited. Everyone loved her bands and inquired where to order them. My sister kept expressing her appreciation for my suggestion, and I was proud. I said to her that it was nothing and that i was just a genius like that…LOL! Next I took the bracelets to my brother. He...

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