Have you ever been in a very difficult situation that you feel there is nothing you can do about? For the last few months, my relationship with God had reached rock bottom, and all efforts to revive it were to no avail.


I love God. So much so that I don’t go a day without thinking about him. I sometimes even forget he is my God because I always relate with Him like he is my best friend. I crack my jokes with him…dirty, clean and dry. I feel that at home with him. He understands me better than anyone else. He knows better than anyone else what I go through.


But I guess our relationship was so good that I began to take him for granted. I gradually lost touch with him. Now I even have to set a reminder on my phone to check up on him before I go to bed.


This wasn't intentional, for he’s my best friend and I wouldn't want to lose such a great relationship. But like I said, things were going so well I began to reduce the time spent with him. My interest in other things was gradually overcoming my interest in Him. I kept on saying to myself He understands, He knows me better than anyone. He knows I have just been busy. I would holler at Him tomorrow.


But I was always busy when tomorrow came and now I’ve lost touch with Him completely.


Relationships take effort. I realise that this is how I treat all my relationships and this isn’t good. They now only cross my mind at crucial times. I now have jealousy and pride growing in me. I feel guilty. and I have now gone in search for alternative means to kill time. I know I am hurting myself and Him by not checking on Him but I still don’t.


My mind has now become polluted. Even when I feel lost and in desperate need of him my conscience and pride would not let me be. So many things have happened that could have being averted if I was still connected to Him, but I’m not.


A relationship with God is all about love, and although love doesn’t run out, it’s just like grass in that if it’s not taken care of it will wither away.


We often forget to have a relationship with God. Some us have a contract, an agreement with Him.  Rather we should have a relationship with Him, something the bible couldn't have stressed enough.


This could also be referred to as our relationship with others.
Relationships are to be treated like babies, given our ultimate attention. I have lost a lot of great relationships due to my carefree lifestyle. Pay attention to your relationships. Don't take people for granted.

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