Awarkdly Good

awakardly good

  So today was ordinarily good.  

 ...So I just thought of something. As I was entering the lift at the station someone said; '...I like your hair  '.  I looked up and she was looking at my hair. But thinking about it now, she may have not been talking to me. Lol. 

 Anyway, today was awkwardly good. I woke up to my student loan paid into my account. '...YAZZZZ...' No! I wasn't expecting it. Expected it 2weeks later. Anyway, I went work. Lunch was great because I was on the floor. Oh yh so my manager placed me in zone 6, which is like the hardest zone in the resturant. So I was kind of nervous.  But it wasn't busy today so it was alright. 

 Ohhh... I had a table of 8. and they left a £30 tip.🙈🙉🙊😲😲😲😲😞🤒😎lol but the selfishness in me is like.  I hope I don't have to share it lol. My body is really itchy don't know why. Can't wait to shower. Oh yh there where rats everywhere today in the resturant, it was really nasty. I fear I served a mystery customer today. Not sure though. Hope its turns out good. 

 Got a message from popc, promised my some money. May God continue to bless and prosper him. 

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